Thursday, August 4, 2011

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Crowmother tee Contest Winners!

Thanks to all who have entered. We have two winners though all of your damn entries tugged at my heart strings.

One be a man, one be a woman.

The man:T.T. Zuma.

The woman: WLC

Congrats to both of you! Thanks everyone for entering!
Can you guys send me your addresses so I can mail these bad puppies out?!?!

Also sold a new story for Pro rates again and very happy to have been asked to submit something. So cool.

Nursery Rhymes 4 Dead Children is getting some mixed reviews, which I expected, and I expect for everything I sell. Lol. I'm just stoked that people give it a chance. Rock on.

Have two other books under consideration and nearing the middle of a long novel. Fun times.

Be good, punks. Treat yourselves right. With honesty and respect and all that.

Monday, May 30, 2011

A kink my bidinky dink

Signed the contract for an anthology where I’ll share pages with heroes like Lee Thomas, Jack Ketchum, and Joe Lansdale. Yowzers!

Sent the next guest blog (On Keeping a Healthy Attitude) to Lincoln Crisler.

You can snatch NURSERY RHYMES 4 DEAD CHILDREN in Digital, in Trade Paperback and in signed/limited Hardcover. It’ll bring you luck and possibly fortune.

There’s still time to enter the Crowmother giveaway, but hurry up. Those who already entered rock.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend. It’s beautiful here; a good day for a walk in the woods and more words on the novel. Three days off work really spoiled me.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Three... the magic number!

#1-- The paperback of NURSERY RHYMES 4 DEAD CHILDREN is up for pre-order. Let me screw with you. Come on.

#2- It's also been genetically engineered for Digital consumption.

#3- Sheldon Higdon, a talented mofo, let me guest blog on his page. Get to reading already.

It's rainy (a nice day for drowning people.)

Check over your shoulder.

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Crowmother Giveaway and Snappy Pics!…

Lots of great stuff going on here, you beautiful fallen angels.

I received the Crowmother tees from The Bag and The Crow and I’m going to give them away to one lucky male and one lucky female. These shirts are very special, not only are they a limited batch, but my buddy Jassen made them in honor of his mother who introduced him to horror (and she now has cancer so send good energy their way. They can use that.)

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment about your biggest influence (whether a writer, parent, friend, make-believe pal, whatever). What about them has helped you so much? What have they done that’s brought you smiles and joy and enriched your life?

I’ll run the contest for two weeks from today then choose my favorite male and female answers (though I’m certain all of them will be touching, and funny and insightful.)

Don’t forget… Cool people spread the word. Good luck!

Also received my author copies for NURSERY RHYMES 4 DEAD CHILDREN. Here’s a pic of me holding my baby on my lap. Sweetness. I think there are 19 copies left. Let’s sell this thing out, yeah? It’s going to be worth money because I’m going to end up infamous.

The digital and paperback versions will be out soon as well! Hot damn. Buy one. You’ll love it or hate it. A huge thank you to those who have already snagged one of the collector copies! Party!

I also received my first 3 copies of Dark Discoveries 18which has one of my stories in it. Very neat. Here are a cover pic and the fiction TOC. Looking forward to reading this issue especially! I love being surrounded by stunning company.

Also, I set a world record for being annoying.

Cate Gardner also sold a novella to Delirium Books and I can’t wait to read it! That chica can seriously write some fantastic stories.

And my buddy Ben Eads has a story in Shroud 11 you should cuddle (it’ll grow hair on your chest.)

Now enter the contest! These tees are awesome! And you can share some love about someone who’s touched your life.

Mine would be my dad because he used to be a royal asshole but now he’s a damn fine man. Seldom do people make changes like that. He’s a good inspiration, has a good heart, and I’m proud of him. He does a lot of little things that mean a lot and he’s such a dork he makes me laugh.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day and all that

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms! From what I've seen in the movies being a mom isn't easy. *High five*

I've been crazy busy (and I'm going to continue to be for a while. No FB or anything else for me. Just no time when I'm working 60 hours a week, writing, reading, critting, and living in the sunlight) but I have a few new things interested parties could check out.

My latest guest blog is live on the fantastic Cate Gardner's website. Thanks, Cate!

***Let's not pull any punches***

And Read Horror did an interview with me. Thanks, Michael!

***A quick footnote in an annotated life... (or whatever the hell that means)***

My new novella IMMERSION is looking good. Just waiting on my buddy Shaun's crit and then I'll have it ready for my publisher.

Waiting to hear back from several short story markets.

NURSERY RHYMES 4 DEAD CHILDREN is shipping soon. I'm so excited. It'll be available in digital and paperback, too. Will take pics when I get my copies in.

Dark Discoveries 18
with one of my stories alongside work by Joe Lansdale, F. Paul Wilson, and other talented fellas is shipping. Grab a copy (unless you're one of the people I already told I've bought a copy for.)

I paid for the the Crowmother tees and will have a contest in a couple weeks when I get them in. One man and one woman are going to up their sexy vibe.

Lots of other stuff going on, but I don't have time to get into it all. Thanks for all the support and faith. I hope you're all well except for the jerks I don't like.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Dark Discoveries and other Jiggy Wiggy Hoopla

Nice cover, yeah? I just sent the contract back to Dark Discoveries! My story got bumped up to the next issue (18)! This one! I’m so thrilled. I’m going to buy some extra copies and give one away in a contest after the first contest I have for two of The Bag and The Crow tees(one male, one female) which I’ll be posting about pretty soon. I also need to finish interview questions for Jassen Bailey, the proprietor of The Bag and The Crow (as well as the review site The Crow’s Caw), because he’s a great guy selling great work and damn passionate about the genre and life.

I passed both of my tests for the new job and got my temporary license! I’m stoked. Can’t wait to get the official license in the mail and be a professional whatch-a-ma-call-it! I used to get so frustrated when I couldn’t get what I wanted (but I really, really don’t think I knew what I wanted when I was younger so that could explain it.) Things keep falling into place the last few years. Weird. Lol.

Currently reading Robert Dunbar’s terrifically funny, intelligent and tragic novel WILLY. Next up I’ll be reading and reviewing Mark Gunnell’s collection Tales From the Midnight Shift. Like Shaun Ryan, Kevin Wallis, Ken Wood, Cate Gardner, and Ben Eads, he’s a champ building his name and I think he has a lot of potential.

Also have a review of Tom Piccirilli’s noirella EVERY SHALLOW CUT up on The Crow’s Caw. Loved it (not that I expected any different. He hits deep emotions with his stories; a lot of it how every day failures add up until their combined weight is enough to crush us.) Chizine is publishing a lot of great work. I’m going to approach them about a short story collection at some point (just starting so I gotta wait until I get my rights back on a lot of stuff that recently sold or is forthcoming! Lol.)

I need to get to work on the next guest blog “With the Help of Your Friends,” for my buddy Ben Ead’s website. They’re fun. But time away from the internet is always something I crave. I think it’s the difference between writing a little and writing a lot. If we could monitor all the time we lived online I think it would shock the hell out of us. Plus walking away from the net allows me time to reflect, process things and just be still, which is nice.

NURSERY RHYMES 4 DEAD CHILDREN is going to be in people’s hands before we know it! My debut novel! I remember what Lee Thomas said in one of his columns (A lot of writers think selling that first book is the goal, but it’s only the starting line) and I totally agree with him. What a dream come true even though now the real work begins. It’s a book I’m very proud of, especially since it’s layered and complex (at least for me at the time. I blame Gary Braunbeck.) The sequel that expands and delves deeper into that town, those characters (John McDonnell, Michael Johnston, Red Piccirilli, Frank Gunn, etc) and the mythos I’m creating will be finished by the end of summer! I think they’ll all work well as standalones, but collecting all of them--three novels and four novellas--will be quite the experience. I’m learning/developing my voice a lot this year and it’s been a real eye-opener. I think each book will be better than the last. That’s the goal anyway. I’m lucky I have people who encourage, believe in me, and show their support in so many ways. If I die tomorrow, know I’m touched. I think about how no one owes me anything every day. It’s mind blowing. Thank you for your time, for spreading the word, for spending your hard-earned money, for your time, and faith. I always want to give back but don’t know if I’ll ever be able to give back enough.

Also down to the last two scenes in my new book IMMERSION! This is one wicked ride but like a lot of my favorite work it has some tenderness in there too. And a lot of truth. (But it still gets ugly and brutal.) The opening lines are deceivingly simple, which I like:

I grew up where woods bordered bog, where air was thick and heavy and hot, where bugs were fat and hungry enough to consume recently slaughtered bodies.
My father was a butcher.
My mother was a seamstress.
We shared each other’s troubles.
Blood slakes demon thirst. That’s what the Church of a Thousand Nights professed.
Me and Keri were happy until they murdered her.
This isn’t just a tale of vengeance.
It’s a tale of truth.
Darkness Creeps.
Light is sudden.
Love is Fierce.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Good stuff...

Got my new job! I’m so excited. Spring through fall is always busy for me and this year won’t be any different. I’m looking forward to making more money (means I can buy more books, save and take the winter off to do nothing but write, and a number of other things I dig.) I’ll have to wake up at 5 every day so I can write and jog before work, which is fine by me. The weather has been wonderful lately, and I’m enjoying all the sunshine. I’m far too white.

Also received this awesome DVD in the mail today and watched it. Excellent material! Love it! ***Charles Beaumont: The Short Life of Twilight Zone’s Magic Man…***

Almost finished reading Tim Lebbon’s UNTIL SHE SLEEPS. Really enjoying it. This is only his second book I’ve read, but I can see why he’s won awards and readers talk about him.

Working on my next novella (IMMERSION) and I think I’ll have the first draft finished by the 1st week of May. Yes! It’s a bit different for me. Or at least it feels that way. All of my favorite things seem to be popping up though—family turmoil, questions about identity, love, joy, sorrow, rage, hallucinations, pain. Hopefully it’ll be in some of your hands by the end of the year. I’m positive readers are going to dig it, and hopefully I’ll grow a little more in the process of writing. There are new things for me to explore, new lessons to learn, old questions to answer.

Still adapting a story for a local theater and just the idea of people acting out my work kinda makes me grin like an idiot.

Once the paperback for Nursery Rhymes 4 Dead Children is released mid-May I’ll have to work on lining up a few signings just for the hell of it. I could dance and sing and throw copies at people. Good plan, right? I have some other things I should do too, but right now I’m happy just working and writing and enjoying the friction luck makes when it kisses my four leaf clover.

My latest guest blog (***On Editing***) is live on Ms. Cindie Geddes blog. Give ‘er a read if you’re of a mind to. Thanks!

And the lettered hardcover of my novella ***AS I EMBRACE MY JAGGED EDGES*** is up for pre-order. It has a bonus story I’m very proud of too, and a character I plan to use in another story soon. I’m really excited. Can’t wait to get my author copy and molest it.

Not much else going on here. Beautiful weather, a new book, great reading material, an excellent DVD documentary, some music. Life is good. Smile, people!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Glad to see this wonderful story is up for pre-order! The digital is cheap (and this being basically a Lettered Edition for collectors, is not) but it will be limited to 30 copies, feature a bonus story as of now unmolested by human eyes, all hand made, numbered in Hebrew, plus I'm going to use my buddy Jassen's idea and sign the signature sheets in Hebrew!

As soon as I have some pics of the proto-type I will post them! I know a few friends who already pre-ordered, and believe that once collectors hear about it they'll snatch it up as well because when I make a name for myself this book will be worth some serious cash. Neat. I still owe Sam W. Anderson a big hug for suggesting I query them. What a smart fella.

Here's what they said about it on Sideshow's website:

The first of our deluxe edition hardcovers from our digital line is now up for pre-order. This hand-bound beauty is geared toward the collector-minded and features the aesthetics you’ve come to expect from a lettered edition but at a price closer to that of a deluxe.

This book will be limited to no more than 30 copies, and the ultimate print run will be determined by pre-orders.


Signed by the author and numbered in Hebrew
Bonus story not included in digital release
Fully illustrated in color
Artist page with original sketch
Hand bound
Handmade endpapers
Dust envelope with cover art

Materials have been chosen and are in hand.

***Pre-order page!***


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Closure, reviews, friends, etc.

All right. One of these days I'm going to get back to writing. I swear. But I did get a lot of rest today and I feel recharged.

Off to an interview for a new job this week! Pretty excited! Hopefully I'll be working there in the next couple of weeks after I get my Commercial Core license. Yay!

I also tried something I've never done before (Closure) and even though it was tough, I think it was necessary. I learned some great lessons and had a lot of laughs and really can't complain about anything that's happened over the last year. Life is right. No use getting bummed about what may or may not have been when what I had was definitely the best thing for me at the time and she gave more than anyone else ever has. (I can be quite demanding and unmovable.)

I am eager to write again, just need a little more time to process what the hell happened. Until then, a couple things:

Got a wonderful review of NURSERY RHYMES 4 DEAD CHILDREN at ***Literary Mayhem***. Thanks, Peter! And thanks to anyone who reads and comments!

My talented buddy Bec has a story in this you could check out: M is for Monster

I'm working on an adaption for a local theater production which should be pretty awesome and something I've wanted to do for a while! Once everything is finalized I can't wait to get some pics!

My story THIS FINAL DECEMBER DAY is out in Apex's The Zombie Feed anthology, volume one now. Good deal! *Clickie*

I also worked in the few edits for my story BENEATH THE WEEPING WILLOW (my favorite short so far) which will be in Shock Totem issue 4 this July. I can't wait until people read it. I hope it shakes them up as much as it did me.

My buddy Jassen Bailey is making some great tees and the proceeds are going to Lungevity, which is awesome. Plus there are some great prizes to be had from the likes of author Jack Ketchum and artist Zack McCain. Take part! Make a difference! ***Here***

And I heard from my publisher that ***Nursery Rhymes 4 Dead Children*** is at the binder. Can't wait to have the signed/limited hardcover and the trade paperback on my bookshelf!

Been getting some great feedback on my direct to digital coming-of-age novella ***BEFORE LEONORA WAKES***. It's a damn good little story. I love this kid who is essentially me at that age (though he's probably a helluva lot smarter than I was. Probably a helluva lot smarter than I am now.)

Read a sweet novella by Brian James Freeman called The Painted Darkness. I'm working on a review for the Crow's Caw right now. Good stuff.

I'm also working on my next guest blog "On Editing," which will be on Ms. Cindie Geddes blog in the next few days! These things are a lot of fun to write and help me in ways I can't explain. Kinda like Fruity Pebbles.

I think I'm pretty blessed. People don't owe me crap yet they support me, make me smile, they're there for me. It's kinda numbing really. Where the hell did all of this luck and good fortune come from?!?! People used to hate me.

It creeps me out a little. :P

But thank you!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Heartache and Other Good Times

It's been a very rough and exhausting week, yet an enlightening one. Man, have I learned some great lessons that will help me for the rest of my life. But I think I still need work on forgiving. I have some values I will not bend on and when someone else tells me they agree, hell, they feel the same way and would never do that certain something... and then their actions contradict their empty words, it makes me furious. But there are a lot of gems hidden inside conflict. Oh yeah. Things we wouldn't learn any other way.

One thing I've learned is that I need to limit my writing time. I've been at it hard for a few years, working 8 hours a day on top of my normal job. That has a hard impact on relationships and there's no one to blame for that but myself. Good lesson to learn. I think I can cut back work to two hours a day (maybe three--then I can get a novel, two novellas and a half dozen short stories a year) and take the weekends off to get out and have fun, learn new things, indulge in other interests I love like music, theater, martial arts, jogging, hiking, art, etc. There is a neat aviator course I'd love to take this summer (I'd probably giggle a lot), and I'd really like to start rock climbing again (Oh, how I miss Colorado.)

I have some great friends. Man, do I. Thank you for the support, for love, for your time, for your advice, for listening, for your faith, for everything. I enjoy the hell out of so many people (though there are some people I'll never like, god knows why.)

Pretty cool to see that the paperback for NURSERY RHYMES 4 DEAD CHILDREN will be available in ***Whitcoull's stores in New Zealand.*** I have no idea where that is, but it sounds spiffy.

NURSERY RHYMES 4 DEAD CHILDREN is also ***#2 on Horror Mall's pre-order bestseller list now.*** Sweet. Thanks to everyone who has dropped their hard-earned cash for a signed/limited hardcover! It's going to be a beauty and include some of my dead flesh (I had to sign a lot of signature sheets!)

My last guest blog is up on ***Blu Gilliand's October Country*** for anyone to check out who hasn't read it. I should have had the next one finished by now but I've been unable to focus as I sorted through a mountain of emotions. I've got things in order now; I'm feeling ready to start on it this week.

Also received news there's a new review of AS I EMBRACE MY JAGGED EDGES in ***Morpheus Tales April Supplement.***

I hope everyone else is loving hard and living large. Embrace those who treat you well because they don't have to give you anything. They do it out of the goodness in their hearts. I'll be back around on Fb and all that pretty soon. Got a bunch of emails to catch up on over the next two or three days! Thanks again!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New reviews and next guest blog

I hope everyone is doing well. Just dropping three links to new stuff. I hope you dig 'em.

My next guest blog is live on Blu Gilliand's cool site *October Country: Using Destruction to Build Something Beautiful.*

Jennifer at Book Den reviewed my short story CROOKED STICK FIGURES. *Here*

And Sheri White landed the first review for my forthcoming novel NURSERY RHYMES 4 DEAD CHILDREN. *Here*

Thanks Blu, Jennifer, Sheri, and anyone who takes time to check out what they sacrificed time to do.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Put a pistol to her belly

because she likes being scared.

Been a busy bee.

Working on my next guest blog post for *Blu Gilliand's October Country*: Using Destruction to build something beautiful (the art of conflict, subplot, and backstory. Should have it finished in the next couple days and will announce when it's live. Thanks to the great people who've let me post on their blogs and to you for reading and commenting! You can read all of them via the "2011 Blog Tour" at the top there.

I'm boycotting Dorchester/Leisure because they've become assholes--stealing authors works they no longer have the rights to and selling them, not paying those authors monies long-past due, and for being trolls. You can read about it *Here*

And Brian Keene mentioned my name! How cool is that? Thanks Brian!

Also going to run a contest soon. I'm getting two of these Crowmother shirts from The Bag and The Crow and will give them away to one lucky man and one lucky woman. It's for a great cause and for a great friend. You can pick one up for yourself or someone you care about, too, and get entered in a contest with some great prizes. Please check it out! *Details*

There's a new review up on The Crow's Caw by my buddy Sheldon Higdon. *Here*

I've seen the artwork for my deluxe hardcover of *AS I EMBRACE MY JAGGED EDGES* which will go up for pre-order on Sideshow Press the 1st of April. It's going to be a fantastic production and have a never before published short that I'm pretty proud of as well. Nifty. The digital version is cheap and has gotten some great reviews you can read in the "Reviews" tab at the top of my blog.

Working on the second Division book and had some revelations that will make them much more than I ever thought they could be. The first book *NURSERY RHYMES 4 DEAD CHILDREN (Delirium Books, May 2011)* is already in the hands of some talented reviewers and I'm looking forward to what people think of it. It's the starting place for the world I'm creating, and it only gets darker from there. I'm pretty damn proud of this series and everything my characters go through.

My short *CROOKED STICK FIGURES* is only free for a short while longer. People have been digging it, which makes me smile. I never thought I'd care so much about feedback, but it turns out I do. What a dork, eh?

Life is pretty good. I'm tired more than I want to be, but thrilled to have so many wonderful people in my life and so many good things happening. It's a big shift from the way my life used to be.

How is everyone else doing? Whatcha reading that has tugged on your heartstrings or scared you silly?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Guest blog #4, Honorable Mentions, etc.

My fourth guest blog "On Pushing Boundaries" is live on Literary Mayhem. A big thank you to Peter Scwhotzer! And a big thank you to anyone who reads and/or comments!

*On Pushing Boundaries*

I also came home from work the other day and found three of my stories (all three my first sales where I made some money last year!) are on Ellen Datlow's Honorable Mentions list for Best Horror of the Year, volume 3. Thanks, Ellen! And thanks to Shaun and Kevin (who also has an Honorable Mention! Yay for Kevin!) for their editing skills, and the publishers (Shane Staley, Steve Clark, and Boyd Harris) who picked them up!

*Year's Best Horror, volume 3: Honorable Mentions*

Some other things that are cool:

A neat little story by Cate Gardner. I have her fantastic collection Strange Men in Pinstripe Suits and other curious things. *And, the bride wore ashes*

Also just saw that Cate's great collection is available on Kindle now: *Buy it!*

My Sunshine Lady, Kara, got a new job! Very proud of her!

You can find some great book reviews at *The Crow's Caw.*

And a great review of one of my favorite writer's new books: *Greg Gifune's Dreams the Ragman.*

I don't know if it's the time of year where writers compare themselves to their peers but it seems to be going around. So... um... stop it. That doesn't help you do YOUR thing. Or maybe it does. Maybe you need to get angry, disappointed, or jealous to write your best work, to move to the next level. Just keep an open mind. None of our paths are exactly the same even though the bedrock is usually fashioned of certain elements.

I'm feeling good. Could be the pride I feel for my wonderful gal, the honorable mentions, the progress on the novel, or a combination of them all, who knows, who cares. Life can always be a lot worse. Always. A lot. So smile. You've got good things going for ya!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The One Great Magician

is not making an appearance. Because he's dead.

In other news...

My 3rd guest blog "On Knowing What You Want" is live on Neal Hock's The Bookhound's Den! Thanks Neal! This is a subject I've known and adored my whole life so suck it. Also, leave a comment if you want! Tell Neal he has nice teeth and pretty eyes.

*Press me!*

I'm pretty thrilled that the signature sheets for NURSERY RHYMES 4 DEAD CHILDREN are in the mail! And my August release from Delirium Books--IRON BUTTERFLIES RUST--is all pretty now that I went over the galley. Only found 3 things to fix which attests that my buddies Shaun and Kevin are some damn fine editors. Big Thanks! This is my second galley so far this year. I'm hoping for two more after summer. Oh, one can dream... :)

My fun short novel BEFORE LEONORA WAKES is on sale for 99 cents for the next week! Well worth a buck. It's the first Red Piccirilli story and he ties into my forthcoming Delirium books. Pretty cool! I like this kid. A wicked novella starring him when he's a little older is under consideration with a great publisher right now.

*Magic click*

I also reviewed Brett McBean's "Concrete Jungle" for The Crow's Caw. Check it out if you want to punch a bad guy in the sack. Oh, you'll want to. The antagonist is quite loathsome.

*Nut punch*

Working hard on the next novel. Have a couple of short stories planned. Reading some stuff. Ah. Life is so damn fun. But I am ready for summer.

I put some fancy tabs at the top of the blog too. Make it easy to keep certain things in one spot. Smart fella, I is. Sometimes. :D

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Don't make me hurt you...

because that's not good for either one of us! You know what is good though?
Been busy with work lately, not my normal job, but it's paying the bills while I scribble. I'm a man of many means. Like Austin Powers without all the fancy outfits.

I haven't been able to write as much as I want to lately but I'm not sweating it. When I do have time I can get some quality work done.

Also got great news from my publisher that involves later this year. Looking forward to sharing that when the time comes!

Then there's this:

*#3 on Horrormall's February bestseller list--Thanks sexy people who have given me your time and money and trust!*


*Horrorworld's review of As I Embrace My Jagged Edges--Thanks T.T. Zuma!*


*Review of Crooked Stick Figures--Thanks, Greg!*

*Another review of Crooked Stick Figures--Thanks, Neal!*

*Another, nother review of Crooked Stick Figures--Thanks person I don't know but like anyway!*

*Possibly another review of CSF or it could be something else. I think it's something else.--Thanks Ken!*

My first two guest blogs are live:

*Number 1: On Becoming a Writer--Thanks, John!*

*Number 2: On Persevering--Thanks, Bec!*

and I'm working on the third one for this weekend--On Knowing What You Want--which will be on the fantastic Mr. Neal Hock's blog: The Bookhound's Den.

I'm also pretty excited about some short stories coming out this spring/summer/fall in Shock Totem issue 4, Apex's Zombie Feed anthology, Dark Discoveries, an antho that I haven't been able to announce yet, and another antho I was invited to recently but need to write the story for in the next couple months. Fun times!

How is everyone else? I hope you're all having a wonderful time!

Monday, February 28, 2011

FREE story (for a limited time) and 2nd Guest blog and life

For those who didn't see it on Fb or a couple forums I frequent, I have a FREE short story up on Darkside Digital. This isn't something I do often because I enjoy getting paid and spending all that hard earned cash on my Lego collection. CROOKED STICK FIGURES features one of my protagonist from my forthcoming Delirium novel NURSERY RHYMES 4 DEAD CHILDREN, and the short will manifest itself more in the later books. If you download you can rate it and leave a comment on DD's page. Thank you! It still amazes me that some people give a shit. Anyway, I hope you all snag it before it's not available anymore! And thank you to those who've spread the word!

***Click for Free Story! Be Entertained!***

I'm working hard on the second book (The Dampness of Mourning) and it looks like I'll have the first draft finished by May 1st. Yay! I enjoy completing things. :)

My 2nd guest blog has been posted as well (On Persevering) over on the lovely and talented Bec Zugor's website. (Thanks, Bec! And thanks to anyone who reads and/or comments!)

***Click to get a free massage***

Shock Totem is doing a flash fiction competition. I can't write flash to save my life so won't bother with it, but a lot of you are very good at it, so why not sign up and give it a chance? If nothing else it'll be fun!

***Enter to win!***

Life's been busy. I shoveled A LOT of snow this winter and it's keeping me in shape, thank god, since I pretty much just sit on the couch--reading and writing--when not working. I'm ready for spring though, to start a new career, make more money, save some wear and tear on my back, pay some bills in advance, and all that.

I hope everyone else is doing great. Don't let the winter blahs get ya. It's nearly over! Enjoy yourselves and each other!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Apex's Zombie Feed Vol. 1 and other news

Apex's Zombie Feed anthology: Volume 1, which has my story THIS FINAL DECEMBER DAY in it is now up for pre-order! Yay! Also has a story by my buddy K. Allen Wood and it's pure dynamite!

Pre-order this dangerous anthology HERE

Hellnotes just reviewed my novelette AS I EMBRACE MY JAGGED EDGES! "It’s a fast-paced, exciting story and when you get to the fight between Boaz and the demonic golem, it’s fantastically written — charged with action, packed with pulse-pounding scenes, it’ll have you dreading to turn to the next page because you never want it to end." Sweet! I've had people send me nice emails about this story, too. Which makes me smile. The Deluxe, signed limited edition Hardcover featuring bonus fiction should be available soon. :D

Been a very busy winter for me with regular work but I'm still constructing and sharpening my new novel The Dampness of Mourning, editing some short stories, reading books for reviews (Will have reviews for McBean's Concrete Jungle and Shock Totem issue 3 completed soon), studying for a career change this spring, critting, reading, playing guitar, and I have to say: My life is pretty damn good.

The first stop on my guest blog tour to promote NURSERY RHYMES 4 DEAD CHILDREN and to tell you things about me and my life you really, really want to know is live over on the cool Mr. Boden's blog: Click! Read! Leave a comment!

Other than that I've been watching lots of cartoons and The Colbert Report to learn how the world really works. :)

Smile! Make someone's day! Be a super hero!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Free first chapter and all that...

Free First Chapter (CLICK it)

You can download the first chapter of my forthcoming Delirium novel NURSERY RHYMES 4 DEAD CHILDREN directly from the publisher's website. Which is pretty damn cool. Thanks to those who already have! And thanks to those who will!

In addition I'm also doing 18 guest blogs. The first one is live on John Boden's blog. Check it out, leave a comment, tell John how much you dig the artwork! I'm going to reveal things I've learned as a boy, a man, as a writer and a friend. Stupid choices and smart ones. You're probably going to know me better than I know myself if you follow along! And I'll share a little about the characters and the book too, which will be fun!

Lee Dancing on John's Booby Traps (CLICK to watch!)

Just had a very tiring couple days and need to rest up so I can get more writing done, socializing, laughing, all the good things. :)

Take care of yourselves!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Upcoming Guest Blogs!

So... to promote my forthcoming Delirium novel NURSERY RHYMES 4 DEAD CHILDREN, I've been lining up some guest blogs! If you're interested in having me on yours, drop me a line here! And thanks to everyone who has already offered!

As of right now these are the places I'll be and the topics I'll be sharing. Sweet, yeah? I'll also share some of the backstory on the book which will be fun. :)

3rd week of February:

John Boden's blog "The Etiquette of Booby Traps"
Topic- On becoming a writer...

4th wk of Feb:

"Bec Zugor’s website"
Topic- On persevering...

1st wk of Mar:

Neal Hock’s "The Bookhound’s Den"
Topic- On knowing what you want.

2nd wk of Mar:

Peter Schwotzer’s "Literary Mayhem"
Topic- On pushing boundaries.

3rd wk of Mar:

Blu Gilliand’s "October Country"
Topic- Using destruction to build something beautiful (the art of conflict, subplot, and backstory)

4th wk of Mar:

Kara’s "Random Thoughts of a Writery Girl"
Topic- Wading into a pool of Rusty Nails.

1st wk of April:

Cindie Geddes website. Topic- On editing.

2nd wk of April:

Ben Ead's website
Topic- With the help of your peers.

3rd wk of April:

On Cate Gardner's wonderful blog/website.
Topic- The Grindstone.

4th wk of April:

On Sheldon Higdon's website.
Topic- On forming a plan (and more importantly, following through)

1st wk of May:

On Lincoln Crisler's blog.
Topic- On keeping a healthy attitude.

2nd wk of May:

On Crow's Caw website.
Topic- On breaking your characters’ spirits so they can grow.

3rd wk of May:

On Graeme Reynold's blog.
Topic- Books to change your life.

4th wk of May:

On Lee Moan's Steam-powered Typewriter blog.
Topic- What is a slow learner to do?

1st wk of June:

On Laurie Dalzell's fun site.
Topic- On discovering Identity whilst Shadow Walking.

2nd wk of June:

On Erik Smetana's website.
Topic- Finding your strengths.

3rd wk of June:

On Shane McKenzie's blog.
Topic- Using your weaknesses.

18. 4th wk of June:

On Shock Totem's website.
Topic- Love of the end product.

In addition to blogging on things of interest, I'll also line up some interviews (big hint for anyone who likes to interview authors, yeah?) :D

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I know I'm gonna. :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

More fun news for me and perhaps you

***Been very busy. Surprised? My first novel just sold to Delirium Books!

It's still all very surreal and I think I need a few days to let it sink in while I work more on the next book. I have 20 handwritten pages to type, a novella to proofread before submitting the revisions, crits to work on for some friends, studying, house work to do, reading time, relaxing time, loving, and back to realizing that this isn't all a dream. Haha.

Also sold a story to Dark Discoveries issue 21 and couldn't be happier because they are a fantastic mag! James Beach has been supportive since before I sold my first story and he's helped me with feedback on other work. I can't say enough nice things about the guy.

My new novel is fun. I need to make some more time for it.

Also have to set aside a day each week to read subs for Horror Library volume 5. Can't wait to be surprised by some submissions.

Had a great review from Bob Freeman on Page Horrific. Here's what he said:


To call this novella impressive is an understatement. Lee Thompson's prose is electric, captivating, and at times poetic. The reader is invited into a vivid world, fully realized, that's populated by characters both believable and sympathetic. The author deftly constructs a story that gains momentum throughout, leaving one on the verge of breathlessness by story's end, but what really makes AS I EMBRACE MY JAGGED EDGES tick is the masterful use of Jewish mythology as the vehicle behind the story's raison d'etre that puts one in mind of Steve Stern's Yiddish folklore stories.

Young Boaz is a terrific protagonist, flawed and self-doubting, but charged with a responsibility to guard and protect an ancient relic. As he struggles with his inner demons--the weight of his homosexuality and how it's instructed his family dynamic--he is forced to confront outer demons as well and Thompson shines in playing off the subtleties and subtext while producing a complex and original thriller.

AS I EMBRACE MY JAGGED EDGES (Sideshow Press) is a brilliant tale that I cannot recommend highly enough.


Thanks, Bob! Seems lots of people are enjoying it. You can pick it up over HERE

Thanks to everyone who has already purchased a copy. The deluxe hardcover with bonus fiction is coming out next month! Thrilled!

Enjoy yourselves people. Work hard. Play hard. All that jazz. :D

Thanks for the support!


Friday, January 14, 2011

Fun times! Things of note!

I hope that everyone is doing great! 2011 is off to a fantastic start. In February I should have 3 books with my work in them (the deluxe hardcover of my novelette AS I EMBRACE MY JAGGED EDGES from Sideshow Press; Apex's The Zombie Feed anthology volume 1; and Delirium Book's Horrorwired anthology.)

I also have two novels (yes two!) under consideration with one of my favorite publishers. It's a bit exciting (okay, REALLY exciting, but also REALLY frightening.) No matter what said publisher decides on either book, I can dance because he enjoys my work, right? His faith and support mean a lot and spur me on to keep improving and telling Lee Thompson tales. (Note: I'm really hoping for a solid "I love them both and want to publish them and you'll be sharing space with some of your heroes at one of the best publishers around..." emails, or phone calls.) Time's agonna tell. Wish me luck!

My novelette AS I EMBRACE MY JAGGED EDGES is getting some great feedback and I'm glad because I'm very proud of that story. Here's a book review (I'll also be guest blogging there early next week! My first time! Yay!):The Bookhound's Den reviews my snazzy little book

Bob Freeman also rated it recently, which was neat: Almost a Neil Gaiman

If you haven't picked it up, you can help me buy more coffee (and books) by doing so here: Well worth three dollars (even if I am biased)

I expect more reviews on it soon and will gladly share them even if it is a bit nerve-wracking.

If you're a reviewer and you'd like a PDF copy to check it out, you can send me an email: perpetual_voodoo (at) yahoo (dot) com.

My Red Piccirilli novella (Within This Garden Weeping) is getting edited by my buddy Kevin Wallis, and will then get shipped to my other buddy Shaun Ryan. It's a powerful little book and much darker than the first book (Before Leonora Wakes.) I don't think I'll have any problem selling it. I like Red, he's really me when I was a kid (don't tell anyone.) The first book is more for teens but I think anyone can enjoy it, plus it's the 'roots' book about Red. Not too long, coming in at 42 K, and it's available for under two bucks on Smashwords. I'd love to hear your thoughts (mostly to see if I was a fucked up kid. It's better than therapy. *Smiley face*) Thanks to those who have already purchased Before Leonora Wakes

The new novel (The Dampness of Mourning) is going great, although slowly because I've been writing some short fiction (We Run Races with Goblin Troopers) for an antho I was invited to. There are some of my favorite writers going to be in this and I can't wait until it's announced! I have so many things that make me want to dance.

Other things of note:

Shock Totem issue 3 is available now! Lots of great writers in this. I'll have a story (Beneath the Weeping Willow) in issue 4, coming in July this year. They're a great group of people and a classy mag. I'm proud to know 'em. Give 'em a read. :D

Tasmaniac has Brett McBean's Concrete Jungle up for preorder (also features bonus fiction by Nate Kenyon and Tim Kroenert. They're a great deal and Tasmaniac doesn't disappoint. Check it out

Recent fun reads: Gary Braunbeck's To Each Their Darkness (Apex); Tim Lebbon's A Whisper of Southern Lights (Necessary Evil Press); Christopher Fulbright's The Bone Tree (Bad Moon); Mark Allan Gunnell's Asylum (Apex's Zombie Feed imprint).

Oh, almost forgot. I'm doing book reviews for The Bag and The Crow with some other talented people! (I'm probably forgetting lots of other stuff too. Damn it.) Anyway, check 'em out if you're curious! The Bag and The Crow is good beans. *Click me, fool*

Take care of yourselves. Work for what you love, defend it, fight for it.