People I adore

I had this as "People I adore and respect" but only listed people I adore! What a dork I am. But it'd take too much space to list all the people I respect.

Shaun: A best friend, a kick-ass older brother, a wise man and talented writer. (His blog is on hold for now because he's writing some best sellers. For reals.)

Jassen: A great friend, a passionate man, a lover of the dark and scary.

Steve: A helluva dude, a wicked publisher, a source of inspiration.

Bec: A sweetheart, talented writer, and giver of smiles.

Ben:A friendly homo (but you can't hold that against him). A benja. A good listener and a man with a bright future.

Kevin:A beer swisher, crazy editor, good fella, talented brother in arms.

Ken: A funny, wild man who has lots of skill and loads of heart.

Shaun: A crazy talented bastard.

Sam: A smart ass, giver of grins, crazy talented, a great dude.

Wanda: She's funny and talented too!

Grace: Makes me smile and is a helluva thumb wrestler (so I've heard.)

Plus these people are super extra cool: Shane Ryan Staley, Tom Moran, Mark Allan Gunnells, Susan Scofield, Neal Hock, and a bunch of other people you wish you knew... :P