Saturday, November 27, 2010

Update... :D


Doing great. Enjoying time away from all the hustle and bustle, just loving on Kara like I should and being leveled by her intensity in return.

Also got a look at the cover to my novelette being released by Sideshow Press in digital next month, and as a beautiful limited-25-hardcover copy for collectors and featuring a bonus story, early next year.

I'm going to share it with you. Because I'm proud. And maybe a little excited. Thanks to Sam W. Anderson for suggesting I send something their way and thanks to Shaun, Kevin and Mark for reading this story when it was in its infancy. :D

The artwork was done by Tom Moran. Fantastic!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Personal note...

My personal life has taken a nose dive and the song “If I only had a brain” sums it up pretty well. I need to regroup, make amends, and find a way to make things right. So, that’s what I’m going to do—work on fixing things I’ve broken, and write, and read, and face up to my actions. I shut down my FB pages for a bit. They are too distracting, it’s too easy to pretend everything is right in the world when it’s not, and too easy to get caught up in having fun with all the people I like instead of dealing with some issues I should have dealt with a long time ago to treat Kara like she deserves.

I’ll be back, I just don’t know how long it will take to do what I need to do. You guys rock though. Thanks for sharing so much joy with me.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sideshow acceptance and other dance moves


AS I EMBRACE MY JAGGED EDGES, a novelette of mine, was picked up by Sideshow Press! Yay! It will be released digitally as well as in a Limited (25) hardcover edition (which will also feature a bonus story.) A big thank you to Sam W. Anderson for suggesting I send something their way! I’m stoked. I love the passion and quality that goes into the Sideshow line and Tom Moran has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. Plus this will be my first hardcover release!

Here’s a teaser for the story:

AS I EMBRACE MY JAGGED EDGES is a Horror/Dark Fantasy story about Boaz—a gay Jewish boy whose family protects a bronze shard of Solomon’s Temple from people who wish to possess it and use its magick to procure wisdom and power over demons. After his uncle Jack is murdered darkness crouches at their doorstep. Torn with rage at God for letting it happen, and doubting he’ll ever be a normal man worthy of love and hope, Boaz faces his fears and questions, determined to make a stand against the coming chaos.

Interesting reads this week:

Tom Piccirilli’s SHADOW SEASON. This is a gut wrenching tale.

Erik William’s THE REVEREND’S POWDER. Another great story from Erik. The pace is kicking, the plot tight, and the character’s relatable. I see a bright future for this guy. Also features some great artwork by Tom Moran and Jacob Parmentier.

Horror Library Vol. 4: I had a hand in selecting stories for this and it is one badass anthology. With work by Lee Thomas, Bentley Little, Nate Kenyon, Hank Schwaeble, Kim Despins, Erik Williams, Brian Knight, and a ton of other super talented folks.

Recent purchases:

The Bag and The Crow tee for Kara. I have one and look so good in mine that I thought she needed one too so we’re not unbalanced. :D You should get one too. Dress your lady up in something sinister and sexy. It’s good for ‘em!

Bull Spec #3- These guys are high quality. And I have a hard time turning away from anything featuring work by Lavie Tidhar.

Dark Discoveries subscriptions. They’re offering a great deal right now that is irresistible. They’ve teamed up with Bad Moon Books and if you buy a year’s subscription (29.99) you get a free BMB book. Kickass.

Tim Lebbons THE THIEF OF BROKEN TOYS (Chizine Publications)

Mark Allan Gunnells story from Darkside Digital: A fun tale based on a Bruce Springsteen song. Mark also has a free story up at Sideshow Press’s website: here.

The Separation by Ronald Malfi: the first book in Delirium’s new novella series. I love their books and have high expectations.

Shock Totem 3 is coming soon too. Here’s a glimpse at their fantastic cover: Yowzers! Can’t wait to read this issue.

I have a number of things in the works. Loving the process. Thanks for spending some more time with me and my obsession.