Monday, February 28, 2011

FREE story (for a limited time) and 2nd Guest blog and life

For those who didn't see it on Fb or a couple forums I frequent, I have a FREE short story up on Darkside Digital. This isn't something I do often because I enjoy getting paid and spending all that hard earned cash on my Lego collection. CROOKED STICK FIGURES features one of my protagonist from my forthcoming Delirium novel NURSERY RHYMES 4 DEAD CHILDREN, and the short will manifest itself more in the later books. If you download you can rate it and leave a comment on DD's page. Thank you! It still amazes me that some people give a shit. Anyway, I hope you all snag it before it's not available anymore! And thank you to those who've spread the word!

***Click for Free Story! Be Entertained!***

I'm working hard on the second book (The Dampness of Mourning) and it looks like I'll have the first draft finished by May 1st. Yay! I enjoy completing things. :)

My 2nd guest blog has been posted as well (On Persevering) over on the lovely and talented Bec Zugor's website. (Thanks, Bec! And thanks to anyone who reads and/or comments!)

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Shock Totem is doing a flash fiction competition. I can't write flash to save my life so won't bother with it, but a lot of you are very good at it, so why not sign up and give it a chance? If nothing else it'll be fun!

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Life's been busy. I shoveled A LOT of snow this winter and it's keeping me in shape, thank god, since I pretty much just sit on the couch--reading and writing--when not working. I'm ready for spring though, to start a new career, make more money, save some wear and tear on my back, pay some bills in advance, and all that.

I hope everyone else is doing great. Don't let the winter blahs get ya. It's nearly over! Enjoy yourselves and each other!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Apex's Zombie Feed Vol. 1 and other news

Apex's Zombie Feed anthology: Volume 1, which has my story THIS FINAL DECEMBER DAY in it is now up for pre-order! Yay! Also has a story by my buddy K. Allen Wood and it's pure dynamite!

Pre-order this dangerous anthology HERE

Hellnotes just reviewed my novelette AS I EMBRACE MY JAGGED EDGES! "It’s a fast-paced, exciting story and when you get to the fight between Boaz and the demonic golem, it’s fantastically written — charged with action, packed with pulse-pounding scenes, it’ll have you dreading to turn to the next page because you never want it to end." Sweet! I've had people send me nice emails about this story, too. Which makes me smile. The Deluxe, signed limited edition Hardcover featuring bonus fiction should be available soon. :D

Been a very busy winter for me with regular work but I'm still constructing and sharpening my new novel The Dampness of Mourning, editing some short stories, reading books for reviews (Will have reviews for McBean's Concrete Jungle and Shock Totem issue 3 completed soon), studying for a career change this spring, critting, reading, playing guitar, and I have to say: My life is pretty damn good.

The first stop on my guest blog tour to promote NURSERY RHYMES 4 DEAD CHILDREN and to tell you things about me and my life you really, really want to know is live over on the cool Mr. Boden's blog: Click! Read! Leave a comment!

Other than that I've been watching lots of cartoons and The Colbert Report to learn how the world really works. :)

Smile! Make someone's day! Be a super hero!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Free first chapter and all that...

Free First Chapter (CLICK it)

You can download the first chapter of my forthcoming Delirium novel NURSERY RHYMES 4 DEAD CHILDREN directly from the publisher's website. Which is pretty damn cool. Thanks to those who already have! And thanks to those who will!

In addition I'm also doing 18 guest blogs. The first one is live on John Boden's blog. Check it out, leave a comment, tell John how much you dig the artwork! I'm going to reveal things I've learned as a boy, a man, as a writer and a friend. Stupid choices and smart ones. You're probably going to know me better than I know myself if you follow along! And I'll share a little about the characters and the book too, which will be fun!

Lee Dancing on John's Booby Traps (CLICK to watch!)

Just had a very tiring couple days and need to rest up so I can get more writing done, socializing, laughing, all the good things. :)

Take care of yourselves!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Upcoming Guest Blogs!

So... to promote my forthcoming Delirium novel NURSERY RHYMES 4 DEAD CHILDREN, I've been lining up some guest blogs! If you're interested in having me on yours, drop me a line here! And thanks to everyone who has already offered!

As of right now these are the places I'll be and the topics I'll be sharing. Sweet, yeah? I'll also share some of the backstory on the book which will be fun. :)

3rd week of February:

John Boden's blog "The Etiquette of Booby Traps"
Topic- On becoming a writer...

4th wk of Feb:

"Bec Zugor’s website"
Topic- On persevering...

1st wk of Mar:

Neal Hock’s "The Bookhound’s Den"
Topic- On knowing what you want.

2nd wk of Mar:

Peter Schwotzer’s "Literary Mayhem"
Topic- On pushing boundaries.

3rd wk of Mar:

Blu Gilliand’s "October Country"
Topic- Using destruction to build something beautiful (the art of conflict, subplot, and backstory)

4th wk of Mar:

Kara’s "Random Thoughts of a Writery Girl"
Topic- Wading into a pool of Rusty Nails.

1st wk of April:

Cindie Geddes website. Topic- On editing.

2nd wk of April:

Ben Ead's website
Topic- With the help of your peers.

3rd wk of April:

On Cate Gardner's wonderful blog/website.
Topic- The Grindstone.

4th wk of April:

On Sheldon Higdon's website.
Topic- On forming a plan (and more importantly, following through)

1st wk of May:

On Lincoln Crisler's blog.
Topic- On keeping a healthy attitude.

2nd wk of May:

On Crow's Caw website.
Topic- On breaking your characters’ spirits so they can grow.

3rd wk of May:

On Graeme Reynold's blog.
Topic- Books to change your life.

4th wk of May:

On Lee Moan's Steam-powered Typewriter blog.
Topic- What is a slow learner to do?

1st wk of June:

On Laurie Dalzell's fun site.
Topic- On discovering Identity whilst Shadow Walking.

2nd wk of June:

On Erik Smetana's website.
Topic- Finding your strengths.

3rd wk of June:

On Shane McKenzie's blog.
Topic- Using your weaknesses.

18. 4th wk of June:

On Shock Totem's website.
Topic- Love of the end product.

In addition to blogging on things of interest, I'll also line up some interviews (big hint for anyone who likes to interview authors, yeah?) :D

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I know I'm gonna. :)