Monday, February 28, 2011

FREE story (for a limited time) and 2nd Guest blog and life

For those who didn't see it on Fb or a couple forums I frequent, I have a FREE short story up on Darkside Digital. This isn't something I do often because I enjoy getting paid and spending all that hard earned cash on my Lego collection. CROOKED STICK FIGURES features one of my protagonist from my forthcoming Delirium novel NURSERY RHYMES 4 DEAD CHILDREN, and the short will manifest itself more in the later books. If you download you can rate it and leave a comment on DD's page. Thank you! It still amazes me that some people give a shit. Anyway, I hope you all snag it before it's not available anymore! And thank you to those who've spread the word!

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I'm working hard on the second book (The Dampness of Mourning) and it looks like I'll have the first draft finished by May 1st. Yay! I enjoy completing things. :)

My 2nd guest blog has been posted as well (On Persevering) over on the lovely and talented Bec Zugor's website. (Thanks, Bec! And thanks to anyone who reads and/or comments!)

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Shock Totem is doing a flash fiction competition. I can't write flash to save my life so won't bother with it, but a lot of you are very good at it, so why not sign up and give it a chance? If nothing else it'll be fun!

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Life's been busy. I shoveled A LOT of snow this winter and it's keeping me in shape, thank god, since I pretty much just sit on the couch--reading and writing--when not working. I'm ready for spring though, to start a new career, make more money, save some wear and tear on my back, pay some bills in advance, and all that.

I hope everyone else is doing great. Don't let the winter blahs get ya. It's nearly over! Enjoy yourselves and each other!


Kara McElhinny said...

Love the artwork for this story, invokes all sorts of creepy-deepy feelings :)

Lee Thompson said...

Thanks! I like it too. Fits the story pretty well, me thinks. :)