Thursday, February 10, 2011

Upcoming Guest Blogs!

So... to promote my forthcoming Delirium novel NURSERY RHYMES 4 DEAD CHILDREN, I've been lining up some guest blogs! If you're interested in having me on yours, drop me a line here! And thanks to everyone who has already offered!

As of right now these are the places I'll be and the topics I'll be sharing. Sweet, yeah? I'll also share some of the backstory on the book which will be fun. :)

3rd week of February:

John Boden's blog "The Etiquette of Booby Traps"
Topic- On becoming a writer...

4th wk of Feb:

"Bec Zugor’s website"
Topic- On persevering...

1st wk of Mar:

Neal Hock’s "The Bookhound’s Den"
Topic- On knowing what you want.

2nd wk of Mar:

Peter Schwotzer’s "Literary Mayhem"
Topic- On pushing boundaries.

3rd wk of Mar:

Blu Gilliand’s "October Country"
Topic- Using destruction to build something beautiful (the art of conflict, subplot, and backstory)

4th wk of Mar:

Kara’s "Random Thoughts of a Writery Girl"
Topic- Wading into a pool of Rusty Nails.

1st wk of April:

Cindie Geddes website. Topic- On editing.

2nd wk of April:

Ben Ead's website
Topic- With the help of your peers.

3rd wk of April:

On Cate Gardner's wonderful blog/website.
Topic- The Grindstone.

4th wk of April:

On Sheldon Higdon's website.
Topic- On forming a plan (and more importantly, following through)

1st wk of May:

On Lincoln Crisler's blog.
Topic- On keeping a healthy attitude.

2nd wk of May:

On Crow's Caw website.
Topic- On breaking your characters’ spirits so they can grow.

3rd wk of May:

On Graeme Reynold's blog.
Topic- Books to change your life.

4th wk of May:

On Lee Moan's Steam-powered Typewriter blog.
Topic- What is a slow learner to do?

1st wk of June:

On Laurie Dalzell's fun site.
Topic- On discovering Identity whilst Shadow Walking.

2nd wk of June:

On Erik Smetana's website.
Topic- Finding your strengths.

3rd wk of June:

On Shane McKenzie's blog.
Topic- Using your weaknesses.

18. 4th wk of June:

On Shock Totem's website.
Topic- Love of the end product.

In addition to blogging on things of interest, I'll also line up some interviews (big hint for anyone who likes to interview authors, yeah?) :D

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I know I'm gonna. :)


Kara McElhinny said...

Lot of great topics! You'll get em filled up, yo!

Lee Thompson said...

Thanks, Kara! :D

Cate Gardner said...

You're very welcome to do a guest post on my blog, Lee. Sign me up.

Lee Thompson said...

Thank you, Cate! Adding you to my list!

lincoln crisler said...

sign me up, lee!

Bec said...

These topics sound great!

Lee Thompson said...

Thanks Lincoln! Adding you to my list! And thank you, Bec! I think they'll be somewhat insightful and fun!

Anonymous said...

Happy to take part, Lee. Sign me up

Lee Thompson said...

Thanks, Graeme! Got you slated for the 3rd wk of March. I'll send you an email soon! I appreciate it!

Shane McKenzie said...

That's pretty damn cool, Lee. Sign me up for whatever is available you busy bastard you.

Lee Thompson said...

Haha! Thanks, Shane! You made it into one of the last two slots! Yay!