Saturday, June 4, 2011

Crowmother tee Contest Winners!

Thanks to all who have entered. We have two winners though all of your damn entries tugged at my heart strings.

One be a man, one be a woman.

The man:T.T. Zuma.

The woman: WLC

Congrats to both of you! Thanks everyone for entering!
Can you guys send me your addresses so I can mail these bad puppies out?!?!

Also sold a new story for Pro rates again and very happy to have been asked to submit something. So cool.

Nursery Rhymes 4 Dead Children is getting some mixed reviews, which I expected, and I expect for everything I sell. Lol. I'm just stoked that people give it a chance. Rock on.

Have two other books under consideration and nearing the middle of a long novel. Fun times.

Be good, punks. Treat yourselves right. With honesty and respect and all that.


Bec said...

Well done on the story sale, Lee. Keep going!

Lee said...

Thanks, Bec! You too, sista!

Wanda said...

Make that a ladies large (the girls need the extra room - haha).

Lee said...

Haha. Luckily for the girls I believe it is a large.

Douglas E Wright said...

What a great attitude. More need to be like you. And I have to be a little less serious! LOL

Lee said...

Lol. :P