Saturday, March 26, 2011

Put a pistol to her belly

because she likes being scared.

Been a busy bee.

Working on my next guest blog post for *Blu Gilliand's October Country*: Using Destruction to build something beautiful (the art of conflict, subplot, and backstory. Should have it finished in the next couple days and will announce when it's live. Thanks to the great people who've let me post on their blogs and to you for reading and commenting! You can read all of them via the "2011 Blog Tour" at the top there.

I'm boycotting Dorchester/Leisure because they've become assholes--stealing authors works they no longer have the rights to and selling them, not paying those authors monies long-past due, and for being trolls. You can read about it *Here*

And Brian Keene mentioned my name! How cool is that? Thanks Brian!

Also going to run a contest soon. I'm getting two of these Crowmother shirts from The Bag and The Crow and will give them away to one lucky man and one lucky woman. It's for a great cause and for a great friend. You can pick one up for yourself or someone you care about, too, and get entered in a contest with some great prizes. Please check it out! *Details*

There's a new review up on The Crow's Caw by my buddy Sheldon Higdon. *Here*

I've seen the artwork for my deluxe hardcover of *AS I EMBRACE MY JAGGED EDGES* which will go up for pre-order on Sideshow Press the 1st of April. It's going to be a fantastic production and have a never before published short that I'm pretty proud of as well. Nifty. The digital version is cheap and has gotten some great reviews you can read in the "Reviews" tab at the top of my blog.

Working on the second Division book and had some revelations that will make them much more than I ever thought they could be. The first book *NURSERY RHYMES 4 DEAD CHILDREN (Delirium Books, May 2011)* is already in the hands of some talented reviewers and I'm looking forward to what people think of it. It's the starting place for the world I'm creating, and it only gets darker from there. I'm pretty damn proud of this series and everything my characters go through.

My short *CROOKED STICK FIGURES* is only free for a short while longer. People have been digging it, which makes me smile. I never thought I'd care so much about feedback, but it turns out I do. What a dork, eh?

Life is pretty good. I'm tired more than I want to be, but thrilled to have so many wonderful people in my life and so many good things happening. It's a big shift from the way my life used to be.

How is everyone else doing? Whatcha reading that has tugged on your heartstrings or scared you silly?


Shane McKenzie said...

What's up, Lee! I'm glad to hear everything is continuing to go so good for you, my friend. You definitely deserve it. You're probably the most humble writer I've had the pleasure of communicating with. I will be buying your book as soon as the cash gods bless me. Hope to see you in Austin, buddy.

Lee Thompson said...

Thanks for the read and comment, bro! How goes the training and writing? How's the wife and kid?

Shane McKenzie said...

The training is going great. Wrath has been kickin my ass, but I'm having a blast. I got some video I'll be posting on my blog soon. The writing is picking up--I recently broke out of a little slump, but I'm blazin along now. You know if you're coming to Austin yet? I hope you do, man. And my wife is doing great, just two and a half months left!

Lee Thompson said...

Awesome, dude! I have some heavy shit going on so I'm getting away from the computer and getting out more, but I will keep an eye out for that video. Glad to hear you broke your slump and your wife only has two and a half months left!