Friday, January 14, 2011

Fun times! Things of note!

I hope that everyone is doing great! 2011 is off to a fantastic start. In February I should have 3 books with my work in them (the deluxe hardcover of my novelette AS I EMBRACE MY JAGGED EDGES from Sideshow Press; Apex's The Zombie Feed anthology volume 1; and Delirium Book's Horrorwired anthology.)

I also have two novels (yes two!) under consideration with one of my favorite publishers. It's a bit exciting (okay, REALLY exciting, but also REALLY frightening.) No matter what said publisher decides on either book, I can dance because he enjoys my work, right? His faith and support mean a lot and spur me on to keep improving and telling Lee Thompson tales. (Note: I'm really hoping for a solid "I love them both and want to publish them and you'll be sharing space with some of your heroes at one of the best publishers around..." emails, or phone calls.) Time's agonna tell. Wish me luck!

My novelette AS I EMBRACE MY JAGGED EDGES is getting some great feedback and I'm glad because I'm very proud of that story. Here's a book review (I'll also be guest blogging there early next week! My first time! Yay!):The Bookhound's Den reviews my snazzy little book

Bob Freeman also rated it recently, which was neat: Almost a Neil Gaiman

If you haven't picked it up, you can help me buy more coffee (and books) by doing so here: Well worth three dollars (even if I am biased)

I expect more reviews on it soon and will gladly share them even if it is a bit nerve-wracking.

If you're a reviewer and you'd like a PDF copy to check it out, you can send me an email: perpetual_voodoo (at) yahoo (dot) com.

My Red Piccirilli novella (Within This Garden Weeping) is getting edited by my buddy Kevin Wallis, and will then get shipped to my other buddy Shaun Ryan. It's a powerful little book and much darker than the first book (Before Leonora Wakes.) I don't think I'll have any problem selling it. I like Red, he's really me when I was a kid (don't tell anyone.) The first book is more for teens but I think anyone can enjoy it, plus it's the 'roots' book about Red. Not too long, coming in at 42 K, and it's available for under two bucks on Smashwords. I'd love to hear your thoughts (mostly to see if I was a fucked up kid. It's better than therapy. *Smiley face*) Thanks to those who have already purchased Before Leonora Wakes

The new novel (The Dampness of Mourning) is going great, although slowly because I've been writing some short fiction (We Run Races with Goblin Troopers) for an antho I was invited to. There are some of my favorite writers going to be in this and I can't wait until it's announced! I have so many things that make me want to dance.

Other things of note:

Shock Totem issue 3 is available now! Lots of great writers in this. I'll have a story (Beneath the Weeping Willow) in issue 4, coming in July this year. They're a great group of people and a classy mag. I'm proud to know 'em. Give 'em a read. :D

Tasmaniac has Brett McBean's Concrete Jungle up for preorder (also features bonus fiction by Nate Kenyon and Tim Kroenert. They're a great deal and Tasmaniac doesn't disappoint. Check it out

Recent fun reads: Gary Braunbeck's To Each Their Darkness (Apex); Tim Lebbon's A Whisper of Southern Lights (Necessary Evil Press); Christopher Fulbright's The Bone Tree (Bad Moon); Mark Allan Gunnell's Asylum (Apex's Zombie Feed imprint).

Oh, almost forgot. I'm doing book reviews for The Bag and The Crow with some other talented people! (I'm probably forgetting lots of other stuff too. Damn it.) Anyway, check 'em out if you're curious! The Bag and The Crow is good beans. *Click me, fool*

Take care of yourselves. Work for what you love, defend it, fight for it.


Neal Hock said...

Holy crap! You've got a lot going on; I'm glad for you. :-) Thanks for the mention and I look forward to having you as my guest. :-D


Lee Thompson said...

Hey Neal! Was about to get to answering emails and saw you sent me one! I appreciate the offer to guest blog, too! Going to be fun. I'll type what I have hand written for it, some time today. :D

I hope you have a good day, bro.

K.Hinny said...

Nice to see yer blog, brother! You're fantastic, keep on pulling the magic handkerchiefs out, you'll keep on getting more!

p.s. thanks for all of the brilliant encouragement, yo~

Lee Thompson said...

Thanks, babe! And no problem on the encouragement. You're way more talented and incredible than you realize.

Laurie said...

Holy carp! Your productivity makes me dizzy!!

Good luck with your pending stuff and Congrats on your stuff that's already out!

You rock!

Tom Piccirilli said...


Lee Thompson said...

Thanks, Miss Laurie! Glad to see you around. :D

Yay! Piccirilli! I try to get everyone to buy your books because you're my literary hero. Figured it couldn't hurt to name one of my characters after someone I admire. Thanks for all the amazing stories!

Tom Piccirilli said...

As always, thanks for the nod, Lee. Good luck with the work.

Lee Thompson said...

My pleasure, Pic!

Cate Gardner said...

My head's spinning just reading this post. Looks like an amazing year ahead, Lee.

Aaron Polson said...

Dude. I'm speechless. Good thing I'm typing. You're kicking some serious butt. Good luck with those novels--

Lee Thompson said...

Thanks Cate and Aaron! Yep, going to be quite the year, me thinks. :D

But even if it isn't. I'm happy and having fun so can't complain. :)

Rich said...

Jesus, you are one busy man.

I can't quite figure out where you get the time...

Awesome stuff.

Lee Thompson said...

Thanks Rich! I wish I had more time! LOl.

Rich said...

No. That'd be truly unfair! Lol

Lee Thompson said...