Sunday, April 10, 2011


Glad to see this wonderful story is up for pre-order! The digital is cheap (and this being basically a Lettered Edition for collectors, is not) but it will be limited to 30 copies, feature a bonus story as of now unmolested by human eyes, all hand made, numbered in Hebrew, plus I'm going to use my buddy Jassen's idea and sign the signature sheets in Hebrew!

As soon as I have some pics of the proto-type I will post them! I know a few friends who already pre-ordered, and believe that once collectors hear about it they'll snatch it up as well because when I make a name for myself this book will be worth some serious cash. Neat. I still owe Sam W. Anderson a big hug for suggesting I query them. What a smart fella.

Here's what they said about it on Sideshow's website:

The first of our deluxe edition hardcovers from our digital line is now up for pre-order. This hand-bound beauty is geared toward the collector-minded and features the aesthetics you’ve come to expect from a lettered edition but at a price closer to that of a deluxe.

This book will be limited to no more than 30 copies, and the ultimate print run will be determined by pre-orders.


Signed by the author and numbered in Hebrew
Bonus story not included in digital release
Fully illustrated in color
Artist page with original sketch
Hand bound
Handmade endpapers
Dust envelope with cover art

Materials have been chosen and are in hand.

***Pre-order page!***



Tony said...

Looks awesome! Sideshow does an amazing job with their stuff, they really take the time to get great artwork together. I have a story coming out in issue 7 of Black Ink Horror, and I can't wait to see what they do.

Good luck with presales!

Lee said...

Thanks, Tony! And congrats on the sale to BIH 7! That is going to be a great little book. I think they're making them all hardcover too, aren't they?