Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Danger and Sex are Better than Being Bored

Life is great. A lot going on in my world between work, relationships, and writing/reading. Sometimes I feel like dancing and other times like standing on my head, but neither one mixes well while on the roof of a moving car.

I'm super stoked to have a story accepted by Tasmaniac Publications! My story, "A Bell Ringing in the Empty Sky," is in there with A LOT of talented folks, and I even heard one of my heroes is gonna be in it! Upon release (of the book, not your prison sentence) buy it quickly because they're a limited edition collectible! Steve Clark is awesome too. I had an interview with him a while back and he's always passionate and entertaining. A good man.

The blog contest has ended! Sam W. Anderson gave away a limited-edition hardcover of his fantastic collection "Postcards from Purgatory" to Jassen Bailey! Congrats to Jassen! And a big thank you to everyone who entered! You're all peaches and made me laugh. :)

I also have a story "When Crows Sing Sweetly Bitter Music" up at The Bag and The Crow! Two other kickass writers have free stories on there as well. Check out Sheldon Higdon's tale of retribution, "A Murder of Crows," and Wrath James White's brutal "Carrion." After being entertained check out the awesome tee shirts they sell too. They're great quality and they make people look at your chest alot. :)

Shock Totem's second issue is now available! I have to order it this week. Some great writer's in there and the first issue was outstanding. And the people behind the scenes are just the coolest. Why not buy both issues? You're missing out if you don't. -->Issue 2 Here.<--

Recent kickass reads include: 1. Lee Thomas's chapbook "The Black Sun Set." A haunting story, rich with emotion and a blistering pace. 2. Tom Piccirilli's "The Last Deep Breath." It just crackles. Includes some amazing artwork from the super-talented Daniele Serra, and a bonus short!

Presently reading Greg Gifune's "Long After Dark."

My silly buddy, K.M. McElhinny, has a poem and a story that won third place in a contest. Congrats to her! Poem: "Faeries aren't the same without wings." And story: "The Light and Shadows of Independence."

My hero, Tom Piccirilli, recently won a Thriller Award. Very cool! You can read about it on his blog: Pic's Blog.

I think it's time for a coffee and some cotton candy and a little calliopes music.

If you're a writer... write on, craft the stories only you can tell!

If you're a reader... Share your favorite's with your friends, share the emotions and stories.

If you're both... well, you're extra special.

Stay true to yourselves. No one else will do it for you.



Rich said...

Amen to that!

Lee Thompson said...

Thanks for the read and comment, Rich!

Shaun Ryan said...

Glad to hear you're jazzed, bro!

How's work going? You da Mosquito Man yet? Creepy, dude. Right up your alley.

Me, I'm enjoying life in the Fear Factory.

I read an article on Yahoo this morning detailing ten signs that your workplace is fear-based and all ten of those signs apply to mine. Yay.

This piece of shit site won't accept my HTML to post a link, so here's the Fear Factory URL, if you want to see a depressing cross section of wonderful Corporate America:


I decided to chuck all that, considering such action to be a preferable alternative to mass murder, and decided to engage in a bit of metaphysical meandering. Here's what I came up with:

I'm always here.

I'm always there too.

Like the imagining, the dream, the concept in which we live, which is to say the world, which differs from the way we perceive it and is simultaneously composed of our perception, I am all places and none, at all times and no time, always and forever and never and yet to be.

We all are. That is our gift. That and the ability, the duty to ponder such being.

I salute all who dare to peer into the void and see themselves and that includes you, Leezie.

Many do not. Many dare not. Many cannot. I pity them, even as I call out to them across the eons, hoping to spark something I dream will someday be commonplace; awareness and acknowledgement and sight. And an end to light beer and fat-free food.

In a universe that is composed of nothing and everything, I ride waves of light and sound and pressure.

A cosmic surfer am I.

Surf's up, dude.

Wax that motherfucker and ride.


P.S. You have some catching up to do, chapter wise, you slacker

K.Hinny said...

Holy cow... that's a lotta good stuff Lee! Congrats and *happy dances* to you sir!

Thanks for the pimp yo! :D

Keep being you, and good things will happen to ya!

smile, your horns are showing

thebagandthecrow said...

Lee, you are so positive.

When is the Tasmaniac Publications book with your story up for sale?


Lee Thompson said...

Shaun: Thanks dude! That article is so true too. I've seen jobs like that and it's not a comfy atmosphere. It sucks the place your working hits on all those downers. But once you sell the novels you'll be your own boss and the only fear you'll have is "How am I going to spend all this money?"

Yeah, you need to send me the last few chapters you've written! I don't know that I can offer a lot of input, but I want to see how the book ends!

Nope on the spraying yet. (And you're right, it does fit me. Hehe) but I have a seminar to go tonight and the text books I'll need for the exams are on the way from MSU. Very cool. Thanks for reading, bro! I hope that you and the wifey and pups are all doing well. I look forward to throwing some emails back and forth soon!

Kara: Thanks! You're a lot of sunshine. :P

Jassen: Thanks for reading to, bro. Not sure on the release date of Festive Fear 2, but as soon as I find out I'll let you know! Rock on.

Shaun Ryan said...

Well, good luck on the exams then.

I can totally see you haunting the neighborhood of a night in your gas mask and chemical suit (insert Darth Vader style heavy breathing), weilding a deadly alien contraption that resembles a combination flamethrower/fire extinguisher, fogging innocent little children and laughing maniacally. MWUHUHAHAHA!

You're so bizarro short-story fodder, dude.

Yeah, the company I work for is something else. If every American corporation is managed in a similar manner, I predict lots more taxpayer bailouts in the future.

I've got five chapters, if I sent you 52 already. I'll send 'em your way this weekend.

Gettin' down to it now. Maybe ten more to go. I don't know for sure.

Be good, bro.

And send me something to read, dammit!

Lee Thompson said...

LOL, yes it'll be totally, fitting, man. And good fodder! :D

Just finished up your chapter 55 and will send it in a bit. Badass as always. Can't wait to see how the book ends!

You be good to!

And I sent you a whole novel to crit. See, be careful what you ask for! :P

Thanks, man!