Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Upcoming Interview and more

Within the next couple weeks I’ll have an interview with Steve Clark, owner and publisher of Tasmaniac Publications. They publish limited edition novellas by amazing writers like Gary Braunbeck, Tom Piccirilli, Steve Gerlach, and many others. Steve is a very nice guy and I’d marry him if I was a girl. But I’m not. Poor Steve.

In my writing life: I’m working on a novella and a short story that are so different from each other I have a hard time believing the same guy is writing them. I don’t know where the idea came from recently, but I’ve developed a little system that works well for me when it comes to each draft. But it’s a secret, so chew on that.

Recent purchases include:

“Blood Spring” by Erik Williams (Bad Moon Books); “The Girl in the Woods” by David Jack Bell (Delirium Books); “Saying Uncle” by Greg Gifune (Delirium Books); “Defining Moments” a short story collection by David Niall Wilson (Crossroad Press); “Cold Comforts” by Tom Piccirilli (Darkside Digital); “There’s No Place in a Sleeping World for a Wakeful Man” by Michael Louis Calvillo (Darkside Digital); “Midnight Blues” by Brian Knight (Darkside Digital); “Postcards from Purgatory” by Sam W. Anderson (Sideshow Press); “Dominion” by Greg Gifune (Delirium Books).

And here’s something I found recently that just astounds me. I love cool art. Daniele Serra’s paintings are so frickin’ cool.

Recently read/Still reading:

“Saying Uncle” by Greg Gifune—the guy is a freakin’ master. I’m halfway into it and it was hard to set the book down to write this.

“There’s No Place in a Sleeping World for a Wakeful Man” by Michael Louis Calvillo—which is a digital short from Darkside Digital. I didn’t like the first half of this story. In fact, I wanted to punch someone in the head. But the second half was excellent. I’ll buy more of his work to see what other styles he writes.

“Midnight Blues” by Brian Knight—this was great all the way through. It was like Stephen King’s “From a Buick 8” if Clive Barker had written it. Looking forward to more by Knight.

“Bust” by Ken Bruen and Jason Starr. A fast paced noir/crime book that had me laughing. Great stuff.

“Shroud: issue 2” A smattering of good fiction from the likes of Kealan Patrick Burke, Tom Piccirilli & Ken Bruen, Nate Kenyon and a woman I never heard of (Maura McHugh). I really loved her story. I actually rubbed the magazine all over my body. (Not really. But it was a great story and I love finding new authors so talented.)

Also read various non-fiction for research and fun.

Within a week or so my story “At Least the Dead” will be live on Dark Recesses! It was a fun story to write and only three people (outside of the editors at DR) have read it. It’s weird and freaky sticky.

For those who have never read my work, you can pick up my short “Daddy Screamed With Us” at Darkside Digital/Horror Mall. If you like it, send me a message. If you hate it, just send me nothing.

I hope everyone is doing great! Stay alive!


K.Hinny said...

Wow Lee, seems like you're busy! Keep up the great work. Can't wait to read your latest interview. You ask great questions.

Good luck with your novella AND your short story!

Lee Thompson said...

Hey, thanks, Kara! I'm looking forward to interviewing Steve. We've exchanged a lot of emails and he's encouraging. And the novellas he publishes are killer.

And thanks for the luck! You keep at it too!