Friday, April 16, 2010

New Story available and other slippery news


My story, Daddy Screamed With Us is available through Darkside Digital/Horror Mall. It's an honor to have work among such great writers as Tom Piccirilli, Greg Gifune, David Niall Wilson, John Everson, etc. Shane Ryan Staley is a real pleasure to deal with as well. You can pick the tale up for $1.49. Let me know what you think!

Things of interest--

Apex is doing a neat little thing for their latest anthology, Dark Faith. Interviewing a new contributor every day. Very cool. Check 'em out. Dark Faith: Devotion

Recent Purchases--

David Niall Wilson's Joined at the Musefrom Darkside Digital. A big helping of co-authored stories with the likes of Brian Keene and others! Sweet.

Douglas Clegg's Neverland

Tom Piccirilli's Cold Comforts

Charles Beaumont: The Short life of Twilight Zone's Magic Man -- a documentary by director Jason V Brock and author William F Nolan. Featuring exclusive interviews with Ray Bradbury, Harlan Ellison, Richard Matheson, John Shirley and many others.

Ken Bruen & Jason Starr's novel from Hard Case Crime: Bust

An anthology edited by Joe R. Lansdale: Dark at Heart

On the writing front. I'm getting a lot done. Feels great. Don't forget to read my interview with Shaun Jeffrey, author of The Kult and Deadfall, in the previous post.

Treat yourself well!


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