Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day and all that

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms! From what I've seen in the movies being a mom isn't easy. *High five*

I've been crazy busy (and I'm going to continue to be for a while. No FB or anything else for me. Just no time when I'm working 60 hours a week, writing, reading, critting, and living in the sunlight) but I have a few new things interested parties could check out.

My latest guest blog is live on the fantastic Cate Gardner's website. Thanks, Cate!

***Let's not pull any punches***

And Read Horror did an interview with me. Thanks, Michael!

***A quick footnote in an annotated life... (or whatever the hell that means)***

My new novella IMMERSION is looking good. Just waiting on my buddy Shaun's crit and then I'll have it ready for my publisher.

Waiting to hear back from several short story markets.

NURSERY RHYMES 4 DEAD CHILDREN is shipping soon. I'm so excited. It'll be available in digital and paperback, too. Will take pics when I get my copies in.

Dark Discoveries 18
with one of my stories alongside work by Joe Lansdale, F. Paul Wilson, and other talented fellas is shipping. Grab a copy (unless you're one of the people I already told I've bought a copy for.)

I paid for the the Crowmother tees and will have a contest in a couple weeks when I get them in. One man and one woman are going to up their sexy vibe.

Lots of other stuff going on, but I don't have time to get into it all. Thanks for all the support and faith. I hope you're all well except for the jerks I don't like.


Neal Hock said...

My copy of NR4DC just arrived in the mail today. It's beautiful! Big congrats to you, man.


Lee said...

Thanks a ton, Neal! I hope you really love it. It's a 'setting it all up' book, though it has a self contained story too. I hope I get the chance to catch up with you and some others soon. Shoot me an email and let me know how you're doing, bro.