Friday, May 21, 2010

A little news from an idiot

Been a busy bee so I’ve slacked off on the blog because other things have taken precedence—mostly regular work. And the little bit of reading and writing I can squeeze in lately.

Recently read:

Erik William’s “Blood Spring” which was a cool little novella from Bad Moon Books, though I wish it would have been a little longer because I really liked the sheriff and wished I’d learned a little more about the bad guys. There is a lot of potential here and I think Erik is definitely a writer you should watch.

Sam W. Anderson’s “Postcards from Purgatory” was an excellent collection of 16 stories from the creepingly subtle to the downright wild. A stunning mix of horror. I hope he writes a novel.

Recent purchases:
I picked up two awesome books from Gauntlet. A signed limited Ray Bradbury novella (with lots of extra goodies) called “Somewhere a Band is Playing.” As well as signed limited Jack Ketchum: “Only Child (Stranglehold)” which is beautiful and I’m looking forward to because I haven’t read any Bradbury or Ketchum in a while and they’re two of my favorites.

My buddy who promised me a million dollars when he’s rich, the sexy beast Ben Eads, has a story called “Stray” coming out in Shroud issue 11. It’s a fine tale. A disturbing monstrosity. Pick it up.

And the great magazine Shock Totem has their second issue coming out soon. I’m sure it’s going to be as great as the first issue. Maybe even better! Visit Ken Wood’s blog to see the cover here: Sexy.

I had some good news lately in that I heard my story “Daddy Screamed With Us” was recommended for a Stoker-award in the short fiction category. Woot! Totally unexpected, but very much pleased. It was also the #3 bestseller in Digital on Horror Mall for the month of April. Pretty cool. Thanks to everyone who bought a copy!

My story “Crawl” is live on the great podcast Pseudopod. Alasdair did a fantastic intro and outro. And Dave Thompson did an excellent job reading it. Give it a listen and if you’re a long time fan of Pseudopod and haven’t thrown money in their tip jar, feel free to. They’d love it. Hell, they deserve it.

My story “At Least the Dead” is also live at Dark Recesses. I’ve had some people say some great things about it. I was surprised there too, because to be honest, it’s a weird effing story. But thanks to all who have taken time from their busy lives and shared it with me. You rock!

I’m going to have an upcoming interview with Sam W. Anderson soon. Like I said, his collection is outstanding. He’s also a pretty funny guy and he’s going to make you spit milk out your nose. And if you haven’t read my previous post—an interview with Steve Clark, the god of Tasmaniac Publications —you should. Because Steve is one cool cat.

I hope everyone is getting some sunshine and smiling. Be good to yourselves!


K.Hinny said...

Sounds like you've not only been busy with work, but books and getting recognized in the writing world at large. Keep up the great work Lee! Rock!

Erik Williams said...

What? Interview with Sam but not me? What did that bastard pay you?

Aaron Polson said...

Busy, yes. Congrats on all the success.

Natalie L. Sin said...

Multiple huzzahs!

Lee Thompson said...

Thanks Kara, Aaron, and Nat! :-)

Erik: Sam paid me an unbelievable amount of money! LOL. But I'd love to interview you this summer. When is your next book coming out? We could do it near it's release, man!

Ben Eads said...

Very cool post! Sexy beast? LOL. Thanks for the support, Lee. You rock!

Lee Thompson said...

What you didn't hear those women call you a sexy beast? Man, pay attention! And you're welcome! Thanks for the friendship and all your help reading my bullshit!

Erik Williams said...

I hope you don't mind being paid in flattery by me cuz that's all I can afford. If that's cool with you, yeah, I'd love to do an interview around the release date of THE REVEREND'S POWDER. Of course, that would require me to know the release date. Right now, looks like next month.

Oh, and your first flattery installment: you're the bee's knees.

Rich said...

Man, things are going well for you. I'm shooting on over to DP to read your story. I think its the first time I've read your work!

Looking forward to it.


Lee Thompson said...

Hey, Erik! Sadly I still haven't sent Sam his interview questions because I've been working a lot and just moved (still have to grab the sofa and bookcase.) I'll contact you on Zoe as soon as I've got something together for you. (And I love those sweet payments! Haha.)

Rich, thanks dude! I hope you enjoy "At Least the Dead." It was fun to write. :-)